A gif image showing a cute Jack Russel Terrier dog typing at a 1930s typewriter. The image is in black and white and is from the Digital Public Library of American Git It Up competition.

Digital Public Library of America Gif It Up Winner in Animal category – by Lillie Le Dorre, from Wellington, New Zealand

This blog is written by Jessica Venlet. The blog started as part of my experience working as the Library Fellow for Digital Archives at the MIT Institute Archives and Special Collections. The Archive Hour blog served two purposes for my professional development during the fellow experience.

The first was a structured way to keep up on professional reading and place my work within the professional landscape. Each month, I tried to set aside a few “coffee hours” during which I read a new technical report or article from an information science journal, or blog posts from peers. After reading, I posted a short response.

The second part of this blog is a record of projects and other activities that were part of my role as a member of the MIT Archives and Special Collections team.

My fellowship ended in August 2016 when I left to begin a new position with the UNC-Chapel Hill University Archives.

Thanks for stopping by!

The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MIT Libraries. 

Header Images Credit:  The images used for the header on this blog are all from the sheet music collection, Inventions of Note, from the MIT Lewis Music Library. See the full image for each: In My Irish Aeroplane and Bobbin Up and Down

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