fellowship update: SAA 2015


Sunrise run in Cleveland to start the conference day off right.

Last week was the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists in Cleveland. This was my first SAA experience. It was overall good, but I really do not love conferences that consist of only concurrent sessions. So much FOMO, it’s not even right. But I managed to see several good sessions over the three days I was in Cleveland. The following highlight a few of the sessions I attended and some tweets.

One of the plenary speakers was Daniel Horowitz Garcia from StoryCorps. He gave a wonderful and moving talk about the power of the stories and diverse voices that archives can preserve and share. The theme of the talk reminded me of something the plenary speaker at NEA 2015 said — “focus on what is made possible by the work.” Rather than talking endlessly about tasks, rules and tools, archivists need to talk most about what is made possible by the work we do.

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fellowship update: NEA/MARAC 2015 spring meeting

The professional development support for this fellowship is truly great! It also helps that NEA/MARAC 2015 Spring Meeting was held in Boston (saving on travel, ftw!). I really enjoyed meeting people from this region and am excited to be part of the Roundtable for Early Professionals and Students (REPS). Also… thank you to AV Preserve folks for the clever buttons.


new cork board decor for my cube.

The only downside was having to choose between sessions — in two days, I only attended six sessions–most of which were lightning talk rounds. But the sessions I did attend were interesting -below are some highlights and tweets from the event.

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