reading notes: podcast edition

Now that I’ve officially left 2008 behind and upgraded to a smart phone (and apparently contributed to bonkers Apple profits), I’ve been on the hunt for archive and library related podcasts. An obvious first choice is the More Podcast, Less Process podcast from the Keeping Collections project (a METRO project). So far there are ten episodes and I elected to start listening with episode seven because I’m a rebel!

The episode from early 2014, Humans.txt.mp3-The Web Archivists are Present, is focused on web archiving pursuits and challenges. All the usual suspects are discussed: staffing needs and skills, difficulty of crawling dynamic sites, challenges with getting full captures, deciding what to capture and how to scope crawls, topical vs. institutional web collections, facilitating searching and access, permissions and robots.txt decisions.

Even better the discussion places these topics in two specific institutional contexts – Columbia University Library web archives (established program) and the New York Art Resources Consortium (new program). Both institutions are Archive-It partners, so web collecting is discussed within the Archive-It model. At the very end, the group raised a couple questions I found particularly worthy of consideration: Are website collections really archival collections? Can web archives ever be organic collections or are they always artificial collections created by the web archivist?  …Which, for me, begs the question, how much does it really matter either way? Another possible way to approach this specific discussion might be considering the merits, similarities and differences between web archiving as collection development and web archiving as records management.

I don’t have much else in the way of critique or further discussion, but I always enjoy learning about how other professionals are developing web archive programs (because it’s no simple task!). Go listen! Other web archiving things I’ve viewed, read or scanned recently:

Do you know of any other archive-library related podcasts? This is what I’ve found so far:

Today’s coffee: Starbucks Veranda

The reading notes posts found on this blog are intentionally question-filled and causal. Each notes post serves as a sort of open journal record of my professional development reading as the MIT Libraries Fellow for Digital Archives. See the introduction post for more on this series. I welcome suggestions for future readings—current or archival!

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